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Alfredo's Prayer

By: Jonathan Anderson

January 21, 2019


Alfredo is a man who has been married for 43 years! He also has children that are now grown up and have their own families. This sounds like your average person today, right? Well, God came into Alfredo’s life about 4 1/2 years ago. He and his wife had so many problems in their marriage and family that they had given up on making their problems any better. Like most people they were just going to try and keep going and act like they were just like everyone else. His wife had zero respect for him and he had given up any hope for his marriage.


One day while cleaning out side our church building in preparation for our first service, Alfredo walked up to me. He asked about our church and wanted to know when the service would start. To me he seemed just like any other person in the community, but Alfredo was searching for something and he and I both knew that God wanted him to be there for the first service.


After coming every Sunday morning during the first 2 months, he and his wife got saved! They did not completely understand what had happened that day but Jesus Christ was starting to work in their lives as His children. We started to study each week with them in our home from 9:00pm to 11:00pm each Thursday night. One Sunday morning I asked Alfredo to pray for the service thinking that he could probably do it. He looked at me with fear in his eyes  and said in front of the whole church, I don’t know what to say Pastor. I encouraged him to just thank God for the service but he was completely frozen and could only get a few words out before looking at me with fear again.


I would like to say, 4 years later he truly is a different man. One night we were invited to celebrate Alfredo’s birthday with he and his family. I was wondering if he would want me to pray as his pastor, or how he would handle the situation. As the time came closer and closer to pray for the food his wife looked more anxious with every second passing by. She finally looked at him as to say, who is going to bless the food honey? At that moment brother Alfredo closed his eyes and started to thank God for his family and how blessed he was to have each one of us with him in his home. Right when we all thought his prayer was over he said these words… God I am so happy!


This is a man who a few years ago had drinking problems, marriage problems, anger problems, but today he is a sweet, kind hearted man who is leading his wife and now leads his family in some of the most precious prayers I have ever heard!


How could this happen?


Two simple words: God’s Word


God has truly changed and is continuing to change Alfredo’s life.

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