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Jonathan Ryan Anderson

Birthday: May 11th


About: I am a blessed man with a wonderful family and the opportunity to train men and start churches for the glory of God!


Rebekah Grace Anderson

Birthday: January 20th


About: Hello! I am a missionary's wife in Mexico and we have 4 children. I have dedicated my life to serving, helping and encouraging my husband and children. Also, I love helping young ladies to grow in their walk with God. 


My Name: Victor Giles Anderson

Birthday: April 4th



I love getting people's attention and making them smile. I got saved when I was 5 years old and I also got baptized by my dad here in Mexico.

My Name: Ryan Elliot Anderson

Birthday: July 2nd



I enjoy playing sports like baseball and soccer. I can speak English and Spanish! I love living on the mission field I love hugs.

My Name: Emma Kate Anderson

Birthday: September 2nd



I like to smile at people until they look at me... I love the attention of daddy and I like it when mommy holds me close. Daddy sure is lots of fun when he plays with me!

My Name: Hannah Olivia Anderson

Birthday: July 29th



I love getting to play with my older siblings! I want to do everything that they do. I am always waiting for my daddy to come home so we can play at the end of each day! Sometimes he takes me for a ride in the car and we get candy.

My Name: Skyla Everly Anderson

Birthday: August 25th



Right now I just love having people give me attention! I am starting to laugh and I can follow people with my eyes. I also love seeing my big brothers and sisters play and I want to play with them.

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