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Our Field - Mexico


How Many People Live in Mexico?


2019 Population Rank: 10

We live in a city called Toluca. The population of this city has now grown to over 2 million people! We know of maybe 10 churches that would be preaching the message of salvation. Only 5 of these churches would be really preaching good doctrine. That means that there is a Bible preaching church for every 400,000 people.  

We need to start around 40 churches in and around Toluca.

Mexico City is another story. Some have said that there are close to 30 million people with around 30 to 35 Bible preaching churches.


- The Catholic Church dominates all religions in Mexico because it

gives the people a false hope of gaining God’s favor by good

works. Mexico is 85% Roman Catholic.


- La Virgin de Guadalupe (the Virgin Mary) is the prominent image of

the Catholic Church in Mexico. The Catholic faith believes that the

dead are held in a place of suffering called purgatory.


- La Santa Muerte (The Holy Death) is also a growing religion that is

taking over cities. This for sure is demonic activity!


- The Mexicans worship a Christ who is still hanging on a cross, but not

the risen Savior that we know personally. There are a lot of physically

poor people in Mexico, but the greatest need that they have is to

know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!

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