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10 Years!

We left in an airplane on January 2nd, 2012. Our destination was Mexico City. We finally finished our time on deputation and we were very excited about getting to the field.

Now we look back over the years and see all that God has done.

- 3 churches started in Mexico and 1 church in Cuba. - Men trained for the ministry. We are also excited about the next group that God is giving us to train.

- Whole families changed with the Gospel.

- I am not the same person that arrived to the field 10 years ago. God has matured me in so many ways. I have been in school for the last 10 years learning so many things.

- God has matured our marriage. We really can’t remember many things or experiences outside of Mexico. We truly have learned to grow together on the mission field.

- When we arrived our oldest son was 6 months old. Víctor and his four siblings truly have grown up on the mission field. Four of our children were born in Mexico and have dual citizenship. They have been around two languages their whole lives.

- God truly has been gracious to us and we are honored to be part of this wonderful ministry that started with a small group of people in the city of Toluca.

- Learning a language was a very difficult thing for me in the first two years. My sweet wife Rebekah had already spent 6 years in Mexico with her family as missionaries. She has almost spent half her life in Mexico. she truly loves Mexico and loves the people. 16 years is a long time. She learned how to win souls in Spanish first. She learned to serve in the local church in Spanish.

Future plans… We plan to keep going and not stop serving God. We do not know the future, but we do know that we still have a fire that burns within and we are conscious of the fact that Jesus is coming soon! The time is short. We are not content with 10 years on the field. We are only content doing what God has for our family. He is worthy! Happy New Year!!!

Thank you for everything! The Anderson Family

P.S. Below are some pictures from the new church plant we started in 2021, Vision Baptist Church.


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