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1st Anniversary (Vision Baptist Church)

We had a wonderful time this past Sunday at Vision Baptist Church! God has been truly changing lives in the new church plant.

Some highlights...

We have seen whole families changed by the Gospel!

- Victor arrived to our church on a bicycle around a year ago. He can't explain what happened, but he knows that God was working in his life even before he came and heard the Gospel for the first time. fifteen minutes after he arrived, he was already on his knees and praying for God to save him. Now after months of growth, he married the mother of his two sons and they are attending the church as a family!

- Another girl who saw her husband get saved a few months ago, realized that she was not a child of God and she was saved in one of our services. They both got baptized shortly afterwards. They also asked to have their daughter dedicated to God and we were able to have a very special time with them.

- We are getting ready to baptize our 3rd group of Believers and this truly is exciting to see!

- This past Sunday we celebrated one year with the church and many of the people got up and shared their testimony.

We are truly in awe as we see God work in lives and we are ready to step out by faith and start more churches in the coming months and years!

Please let us know about a time you would like to come and see the work! We are excited about the many groups that are coming down between 2022 and 2023!


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