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Two Vital Things for Missionaries

Two Vital Things for Missionaries

I would like to say that there are two things that are vitally important for most missionaries. What are those things you say? The language and the culture! After living in Mexico City for almost two years now, I can say with all my heart that the language is only the half of what a missionary must work at! The culture so many times is pushed off to the side as if that is not something that the missionary needs to work into his or her daily lifestyle. Can I say that could not be further from the truth!

The Culture

I have always said, if you cannot understand their culture, you cannot learn their language. I still believe this today.

Many missionaries have attitudes that come across as if they are to good to learn about and do all they can do to become part of the culture where they are living. You may say, well I just don’t see me changing as a productive thing that is going to help me reach souls for Christ! If what I just said shows the attitude that you have, please do us all a favor and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

We must do our best to become like them. You may say well where is that in the Bible? We do not have to search very hard to find a great example: Jesus Christ! You see, He came to this earth as God and and as a Jewish man. So yes if you are having a hard time changing your life style in order to help reach and love those on your mission field, I do believe that you are dealing with pride my dear friend. When Christ came to this earth, He allowed mankind to see what true humility was like.

We can talk about having this and that in order to be successful on the mission field, but if you are not ready and willing to put aside your ways and your mindsets, you will not be on the mission field for very long. Or, if you are, you will find that your ministry is limited because of the pride that you have towards the nationals that you are trying to reach.

I am going to do a part 2 and look a little further into other ways that we say no to change and other cultures just for the sake of not wanting to change. We will look into How not to take your little America with you when you leave for the field. Also, we will talk about how not to hurt or offend others as a outsider coming into their world.
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