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Why are we all so busy?

Looking out over this vast, colorful cement city stuns me every time, but tonight there was a different kind of awe. It isn’t just that there are so many people here, but that they are without the Gospel and that if they die that way, there is no hope for them.

Then it hit me how selfish and tunnel-visioned I am most of the time! How could anything in this world matter more than the eternal destiny of a soul?

Just blink your eyes and imagine that being someone’s last breath, last heartbeat, last drop of blood. It happens so fast and its all over. Do you even care that the person sitting next to you in a restaurant might not live another day? Does it bother you at all that you have a life-saving message for someone who might take their life tomorrow? How can we hold it back when people are dying of thirst and we have the life-giving water?

You know what it is? We can’t get over the fact that that person might judge me or take me wrong. I am sensitive and they look angry. What if they yell at me? Jesus took every blow willingly in order to save the world, despising the shame. Kingdom work isn’t for self-conscience, cowardly people, who are worried about their reputation and image. Kingdom work is for soldiers, who serve the King at any cost, bravely offering their lives for the sake of the Kingdom.

What in the world happened to that kind of Christian? Why are we all so busy with our own life, when we have been called to advance an eternal kingdom? There are souls dying and reaching out for what you have, and you are sitting on the couch watching TV or surfing the internet. It isn’t that you don’t care, but that you aren’t realizing that every moment you live for a purpose. You have been called to share the Truth and advance the Kingdom of Christ in a hostile, enemy-controlled environment, where you will be constantly buffeted if you take the challenge.

This is no easy task, but the Kingdom of God is worth the persecution and hardships that the devil will throw at us. Let’s live for the purpose that we have been called to fulfill! Advance onto the enemy’s turf and plant the flag of Jesus Christ in plain sight, shout out that there is Living Water and nurse the dying souls with the Truth of Jesus Christ while there is still time. Eternity happens too fast for us to sit back and wait for tomorrow.

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